Life Insurance Policy

Shelter for Your Loved Ones

Take care of your loved ones even after you're gone with a life insurance policy

The Importance of This Type of Protection

Your loved ones depend on you for support, and you want to make sure they are taken care of even after you're gone. Planning and the proper life insurance policy can prevent your death from causing your dependents an undue financial burden. If your family depends on your income, a policy is especially critical to make sure that they will enjoy the same quality of life after your death that they do now. Even for those who don't earn an income, funeral and burial expenses can severely tax a bereaved family's finances. Don't let your final expenses burden your family while they are grieving. If you were to die, would your family be able to make the mortgage payments? Pay for college tuition for your children? These needs are too important to leave to chance. Take care of your family even after you're gone with affordable protection.

About These Policies

This is essentially a contract between you and your insurer. This contract states that, upon your death, the insurer will pay your dependents a certain amount of money. There are two basic types of policies: permanent and term life insurance. Which type of plan you choose will depend on factors like your income, number of dependents, and reasons for taking out a policy. Some policies can also double as investment vehicles, so think about what you expect from a plan before you begin shopping. A policy is also malleable, meaning it can change over time. When you have a new baby, get married or divorced, or have other life events, it's a good idea to reevaluate your situation.

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